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We believe wellness is a key component of the overall solution and living a sedentary lifestyle is a part of the problem. 1 in 5 teenagers will leave high school already diagnosed with a serious mental condition


This is my story…

We have worked for decades in the fitness and wellness industry and experienced countless stories of friends, family members, clients and coworkers who battle substance use disorders- including our personal battles with alcohol addiction. Balanced fitness and nutrition are major components in our recoveries; and, we found benefits beyond the physical, benefits that branch in to our mental and emotional well-being. As fathers, we watch our children grow up in a world where dangerous substances are easily accessible and physical activity is becoming less valued.

Having witnessed many use the power of fitness first hand, as a tool in substance-abuse prevention and recovery, and as a catalyst to living healthier lives. These positive habits can help prevent or negate unhealthy feelings of anxiety, depression and stress- common feelings that spur the misuse of substances. It is our passion to aid the American youth by opening up the conversation about the realities of addiction, health, mental wellness and active lifestyles. Join us as we collaborate to build Live Purple programs and communities to promote a thriving future for our youth.


Live Purple is a 501c3 nonprofit that is dedicated to preventing substance misuse by addressing mental health and physical inactivity through education, tools and partnerships to encourage healthier and active lives.

Chris Herren’s visit to Marist greatly impacted our students. They appreciated that he was candid and direct with them about a difficult and real subject. He was able to connect with our students and the pressures that they face. The Marist community thanks Live Purple for the gift of Chris Herren’s presentation.

Marist Catholic High School


A disease that doesn’t discriminate requires all to defeat. Help us impact youth in local communities.

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